The Wonders of Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash


No doubt B1 is the first off- camera flash of the world that can perform TTL (Through the Lens) with high-tech cameras. It is called an off-camera flash as it is neither a moonlight nor the speedlight. Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash is the very new of its kind that create a new world of shooting. It is a world of wonders to its users and open new directions to professionals.

Richard Walch is the very first photographer who has tried the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash. He believes that using B1 off-camera flash changes everything.

Monolight and speed light flash:

Before Profoto B1 off-camera flash light, monolight flash and speed light flash were in common use. The salient features of each are discussed below.

·       Monolight flash:

Monolight flash is self-contained lighting unit that is utilized in photography. Usually monolight flash is found in studio. It possesses a centralized supply of power. Moonlights are also said to be controlled independently. The special consideration of Monolight flash lighting unit includes large scale, portability, studio work and consistency.

·       Speedlight:

Speedlight or speedlite are the brand names of two high-tech camera brands for their flash units of photography. Both units depicts that strobe flashes generate more intense but much shorter light bursts than photographic lighting system used earlier such as continuous lamps or flashbulbs used in studios.

Using B1 off-camera flash on most busy streets:

To take a portrait of studio quality on the most busy streets of busy city, New York was not possible with the early ordinary flash units. B1 off-camera flash has become the right choice for the required task. B1 0ff-camera kit equipped with TTL-N Air Remote and some ‘Light Shaping Tools’ has been proved ideal for taking a portrait of studio quality at the busy street.


Off-Camera Flash:

There are several flash out units available there in the market that can be easily placed off-camera. But not any other flash would provide you with the ease to take flash off the camera, while facilitating you with a remarkable creative freedom; there is only one B1 off- camera flash that give you such freedom of work.

Features of B1 off-camera flash:

The B1 off-camera is the latest technology in its field. It provides the professionals with a number of advantages over the previous flash lighting units, they were using. Some of the salient features are as below:

·       With TTL (through the lens):

Shooters of a high-tech brand attach the TTL-N Air Remote to the hot-shoe of their camera and the others to their TTL-C Air Remote. Now point the scene and shoot, it’s time for B1 to adjust the light output automatically hence provide you with excellent result and perfect exposure.

·       Without Cords:

The B1 is equipped with a high capacity, exchangeable battery that is attached with the flash. You just have to integrate that with TTL Air Remote to experience the liberty that you enjoy only when you shoot without power cables as well as sync cords.

·       With power:

Another wonderful feature of B1 is its power. B1 is definitely 10 times powerful than any other average speedlight. It can do the following magics:

  • On a sunny day, it enables you to overpower the sun
  • It can light up a larger area and background that you could never experience with ordinary flash light Shaping Tools can also be added
  • Light Shaping Tools can also be added to create a wonderful scene in bright conditions with soft light and this is all possible with its heavy power.

·       With speed:

B1 could blast away nearly 20 flashes per second, when sets with lower power in settings. In this case the speed is same or equals short flash duration. It means a much short duration of flash is provided by B1 than a speedlight to the same output is set.

·       With Light Shaping:

There are 120 Light Shaping Tools are available with B1 off-camera flash. You may choose one from these tools and shape beautiful light of B1 into any other light you can think of.

·       Zoom function:

Go to unique ‘zoom function’ of Profoto and explore it. You only have to slide the tool left and right on the B1 to enjoy fine tune adjustments. You can enjoy the weather and climate of your own choice in your photography; and for this you have to be fully loaded with your B1 off-camera flash.

Quick Burst Mode and its Function:

When the output of B1off-camera flash is set below the full power, Quick Burst Mode is activated. The function of Quick Burst Mode is just like a tank of energy that has in one end an adjustable tap i.e. the output control and in other an automatic fill-up i.e. charger. The charger keep on filling the tank with full devotion on the other hand the output control makes the tap allow providing as much as you want from the tank. The tank can be tapped until there is energy restored in it. But as it is tapped faster than the speed of charging, all the energy would be drained eventually.

Kit available for Off-Camera Flash:

Off-camera flashes are not designed to be stay-at-home flashes. The TTL function of B1 off-camera flash shines extremely bright in the challenging brightest conditions. Moreover the feature of being cordless unleashes the creativity of the professionals as well as to provide them with the facility to run freely in the wild without any mess of cords and cables.

The profoto B1 off-camera flash is smaller than a monolight and is larger than a speedlight. The Profoto provides power of 500 watts per second.

The portable and comfy off-camera flash kit has been designed while keeping all such things in mind.

B1 500 Air TTL Location Kit:

The kit contains:

  • 2 B1 off-camera flashes
  • 1 fast charger
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 car charger

All packed in a beautiful tailor-made backpack that also provides room to accommodate additional gear.


9.5 Total Score

The B1 is notably powerful for its compact size. A powerful flash you can take on location. While some may feel that it is a bit heavy and large. Oh yeah it's expensive

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  1. It truly is a high-end light and expensive nonetheless it lives to its advertising. It truly is portable as well as wonderful.

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  3. It’s very convenient for photoshoot, but you need extra battery because it doesn’t last long.

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