Wire Freedom with Master & Dynamic MW60

The release of Master & Dynamic MW60 has upped the game on the wireless headphones category to be able to deliver superb sound with a touch of elegance and style. Will this be the last wireless headphone in your wishlist?


A status symbol

 Wireless headphones become a differentiator in a world where people have the same phones or audio devices. With the MW60 model, it is the case. You get what you pay for in terms of style if it suits your taste plus the bragging rights of owning a prestigious headphone. Find out how it compares with the other headphones in the market.


 When was the last time you bought something which created lingering thought on the packaging? Master & Dynamic created a memorable unboxing experience. The presentation of the wireless headphones is exceptional. The main packaging also houses a few cases inside dedicated for the care of each element in this set. The main box itself looked like a jewelry holder inside, holding the headphones itself and a cylindrical leather case containing the cords such as the audio cable, adapter, and USB charger. While it offers the comfort of a wireless headset, it is also versatile to convert it into a wired one in case it suffers from low battery or the charger is out of sight.


Creative design and comfort

 With Master & Dynamic MW60’s superior look and feel, you can surely tell the designer had a fashion-forward outlook for this piece of luxury. It is made to be flaunted as a fashion piece accentuating your wardrobe. It looked simple but elegant. It is made of premium materials – aluminum, memory foam pads, and soft leather, making you feel good with the price you pay. Once the ear headphones touch your ears, the leather hugging the aluminum ear cups are so soft. It has a comfortable wear until the battery is exhausted. The cups are also deep enough to create an illusion for a breathing room for your ears but the exterior sides of the ear caps are sealed.

Almost the whole body is made of aluminum with a level of craftsmanship similar to a fine jewelry. You will not notice any plastic part on the exterior and a bit on the interior. Unfortunately for some, MW60 may be weighty compared to other wireless headphones out in the market.

Its contemporary art-inspired design is extended to its peripherals, maintaining the luxurious experience in every aspect.


  • USB-charging cable

It already said goodbye to rubberized cables, replacing it with a black braided woven fabric which looked more elegant and sturdy.

  • Travel pouch

The wireless headphones come with a pouch made of canvass to for easy storage and handling during travel. It also has a division which can hold its accessories

  • Audio cord

The detachable audio cord produces the same audio output as that of the wireless connection. In case you need one for your emergency need and you run out of battery for the wireless device to function, at least there’s something on hand to plug into the audio device.


Color schemes

 Master & Dynamic MW60 has a classic look with its black and gunmetal gray and a more rugged look for the light brown leather and silver gray combination. Both have the same leather quality and sturdy feel with side running stitches on the headband. The black leather is shiny with matte aluminum accents. The light brown leather has a more matte look combined with a dull silver accent similar to an iPhone body.

Wireless connectivity

 The headphones have excellent wireless reception covering a longer range compared to its predecessor and other models. In terms of Bluetooth connectivity with a phone or an audio device, it can pair up to 10 meters in distance. Beyond that, sound begins to deteriorate as affected by the unstable pairing of devices.


Audio performance

 Wireless headphones are preferred over the wired version for its convenience and efficiency in delivering a crisp audio output.  No need to worry about tangled wires or limit you to necessary actions due to the headphones’ cord. In addition, most wireless headphones feature a noise cancellation technology as manufacturers anticipate you multitasking while listening to your favorite audio tunes. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Master & Dynamic MW60. With its hefty price tag, Master & Dynamic used the most premium materials suitable for headphones to lock in the sound, eliminating the need for this technology. On the other hand, this feature is still handy due to the slight spillover of sound which reduces a little of the quality of the sound. But compared to the other with this feature, Master & Dynamic is still above them. You can clearly hear the low voices, beats, and the bass and treble mixed perfectly according to the composer and singer’s preference. It is as if the musician is beside you or on the studio while he’s recording. But on the mid range volume, bass is suffering from what it really should be providing only a tight sound.

Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones

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More battery, more fun

 Master & Dynamic MW60 can last up to 15 hours connected through a device and playing constantly. It also features a battery level indicator synched to your phone. In case you need to check the battery on the device itself, there is an LED light indicator with the following signals:


  • Green is for a good battery life which can last for at least half a day.
  • Orange means that around 50 percent of your battery is already used up.
  • Red is for critical level. It means you need to find an available power source soon or else the wireless headphones will shut down.


The stakes are high

 At $550 and the value it brings to as a wireless headphone, you have to be really convinced that you will be able to live with all of its features and forgive every now and then its shortcomings. The premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship increases its monetary value but not too high as its price tag due to its lack of noise cancellation feature. It puts Master & Dynamic’s product an inferior one compared to the other wireless headphones in the market. But it will make you keep on coming back to its headband for its comfort and style. If you’re only looking for a wireless headphone with superb audio functionality, there are better options that are reasonably priced.




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Contemporary art-inspired design is extended to its peripherals, maintaining the luxurious experience in every aspect. It's expensive and perfectly balance sound.

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  1. Best sounding bluetooth headphones out there

  2. Phenomenal headphones I have own, love it!

  3. This badboy delivers an accurate, powerful bass response.

  4. Other than impressive steady bluetooth connectivity, battery was good.

  5. I think it’s insanely overpriced!

  6. I really digging this love the design and comfy ear cups.

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