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Sony Alpha A7 II Reviews

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    Sony Alpha A7 II Reviews
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    Sony Alpha A7 II Reviews

For past ten years, Camera industry has been quite interesting and exciting in all area mostly due to high level of competition that exists among the producers leading to the production of high quality and well designed cameras with great and perfect features. Apart from the Smartphone market, the camera market is the best and most competitive in nature making the producers to focus their efforts on appealing the enthusiasts as well as the professional photographers. In case, you are yelling for more than a Smartphone can offer in terms of image production, this article is about to produce you with information on the right camera to lay your hand on. The Sony A7 II is just the answer you have been looking for all these years.

What You Need To Know about Sony A7 II

Of a truth, the introduction of the camera mentioned above by Sony is to replace the already existing DSLR rigs which most professional photographers still love till date. This great camera is designed with mirror less feature which made it the ideal successor to the A7 release last year by the same company. The A7 released last year was able to attract lots of attentions mostly from the professional photographers as it was the first mirror less camera with interchangeable lens as well as full-frame and very large image sensor.

The Main Reason for the Production of Sony A7 II as Successor to A7

The production of A7 last year seemed to be the solution to all the challenges of photographers both the newbie and the professionals alike. This was due to the lots of promises that accompanied the release of this camera to the market. It is promised that the A7 will offer lots of features and functionalities including full-frame image quality, better control as well as better image in low light so as to be better than the DSLR but at the end of the day the users were disappointed as the camera falls short of the features already promised by the producer. These and more are the reasons why Sony A7 II was produced with lots of correction and update from the A7 in order to meet the needs of photographers.

Why You Need Sony A7 II Camera

Are you a newbie or professional photographer looking for the best camera that will meet your photographic needs? If your answer is yes then, you are not to border any longer as Sony has decided to come up in another dimension with the production of the abovementioned camera in the A7 lineup. All the wrongs and shortcomings associated with the formally released A7 cameras were adequately corrected with this wonderful and high-tech camera making it the best choice for professional and serious photographers.

Take Advantage of the Quick and Speedy Autofocus Associated With Sony A7 II

Unlike the A7 camera released last year by Sony with sluggish autofocus system, this wonderfully built Sony A7 II is built with high speed and quick autofocus system that will make it easy for you to enjoy more excitement in your photographic endeavor at any point in time. You will also enjoy more clarity in your images as well as greater accuracy in your shooting when you make this technologically improved camera your choice.


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Enjoy the Ergonomic and Easy Control System in Sony A7 II

Honestly, there is improvement in the ergonomic and control associated with this wonderful camera built and designed by Sony. For that reason, you will not need to pass through any form of stress for you to be able to learn how to handle this camera at any point in time. The controls associated with this camera are also refreshed and enhance to suit the serious and well committed professional photographers. These and more are the things you are going to enjoy when you make the abovementioned camera your choice.


Hint on the Handling of Sony A7 II You Need To Know

Indeed, in order to increase the ease of handling and feels associated with Sony A7 II, it is built with well enhanced and highly improved grip. The grip of this camera unlike the one in the A7 is built with bigger area where you will place your fingers coupled with more traditional front dial that falls right under the position where you will need to place your finger index. More so, the shooter button has been moved down from the top plate right the grip itself. Therefore, there are now four custom buttons in its previous location.

The Look and Appearance of Sony A7 II

Honestly, this wonderful camera is more comfortable to hold and also nicer in appearance. Nevertheless, the difference in this camera is not enormously different from the formal A7 released last year by Sony. This camera is made with ease of use features and wonderful functionalities and all the buttons and controls of this camera are just within the reach of the user.

The Right Time You Need Sony A7 II Camera

If you are looking for the camera to capture some spontaneous moments while on the go or the camera with lightweight features for easy mobility, the Sony A7 II will not be the choice for you. It is designed with heavier body and more weight than the formal A7. For that reason, you will only need this camera when you are prepared to go to a particular place just for the purpose of taking photographs.

Some Features of Sony A7 II You Need To Know

There are lots of wonderful features and amazing functionalities you need to know about this wonderful camera. This is apart from the new grip and the metal front that differentiated the appearance from the formal A7 model in the market. Some of the features include;

  • It is built with 3” LCD lens for bright and sharp tilts.
  • There are lots of buttons and controls within the fingertips of the user.
  • It comes with sharper viewpoints than the previous model.
  • It is designed with 30% quicker faster autofocus system and others.


9 Total Score

This Sony A7 II is an excellent camera which has all the advantages of full-frame sensor. It offers very good AF, exceptional image stabilization as well as good quality images. It's quite noisy and battery stamina could be better.

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  1. An all around camera, definitely appears to be like good progress versus the old version.

  2. Just shocked a7II only offers one card slot. But definitely looks better.

  3. Wish they add 4K video.

  4. What I like about A7II is that AF perform excellent in low light.

  5. Glad Sony move the shutter release.

  6. Love the new build quality and ergonomics is great.

  7. The grip appears amazing, the new position is more preferable, and the new customized button is actually great to have.

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