Samsung UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV


Samsung has launched a new Smart TV, which is called UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV. This new Smart TV is ready to offer the viewer a new and completely advanced experience, due to the special features, such as the curved design and the UHD 4K image quality.

Product Features

Samsung’s UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV comes with a wide range of special features, which are meant to improve the watching experience of any user. You can see here the list of features of this new Smart TV:

  • Smart TV – this TV offers the opportunity to enjoy a better experience due to its powerful processor and its useful tools.
  • Smart Hub – this feature allows the user to organize the entertainment into five different panels, so that you can easily navigate through live TV, movies, social networks, streaming content, apps and games.
  • Smart Interaction – this feature allows you to use hand motion and voice to control your TV.
  • S-Recommendation – this feature allows you to set your preferences in order to receive personalized TV and movie recommendation.
  • Curved panel – it offers an accurate image and wonderful color and it removes the picture distortion. Additionally, it makes the image appear bigger.
  • Smart Evolution – this feature is meant to automatically update your TV with latest software.
  • Smart Remote Control – easily control your TV through the touchpad or voice.
  • Quad Screen – you can make four screens on your Smart TV.
  • Quad Core Plus – this is a powerful processor that helps speed up the Smart Hub experience and gives you a better browsing experience and an easier switching between apps and stream content.
  • Screen Mirroring – is a feature that works through wireless to allow you to mirror your phone or other mobile device onto your TV’s screen.
  • Smart View 2.0 – you can make your phone, tablet or computer display whatever is playing on your TV.
  • Instant On – is a feature that allows your TV turn on four times faster.
  • UHD 4K Standard Future Proof – meant to upgrade the current UHD of your TV for future advancements.
  • UHD Upscaling – this feature provides with UHD-level image quality and it also includes noise reduction and signal analysis
  • Auto Depth Enhancer – this feature is a picture technology that is capable of automatically adjusting the contrast by analyzing regions of each image, so that it offers a more natural image with a greater sense of depth.
  • UHD Dimming – adjusts the brightness of image in order to eliminate the image distortion and “halo” effect, thus providing a clear picture
  • PurColor–this is a feature offering a better picture performance, by focusing not only on primary colors, but also on secondary colors, such as Yellow, Cyan and Magenta.
  • Precision Black Local Dimming – improves the image by creating a sharper contrast.
  • Ultra Clear Panel – offers better detailed image, by reducing reflections, absorbing ambient light and enhancing contrast.
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus – this feature offers a larger spectrum of colors on the TV’s screen, so that the viewer can enjoy a rich colored image.
  • Clear Motion Rate 1440 – this is a feature that enhances the motion clarity.
  • Connect Share Movie – allows you to enjoy photos, videos and music through USB connection.
  • Wi-Fi – the Smart TV has a wireless network built-in.
  • Full Web Browser – you can use it to browse the web on your TV.
  • Eco Sensor – adapts the image depending on the light’s intensity of your room.
  • DTS Premium Sound | 5.1 with DNSe+ – offers 5.1 surround sound.


Some of the main specifications that you will enjoy about the Samsung’s UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV include:

  • Size: 57.1″ x 33.4″ x 4.4″ (without stand); 57.1″ x 35.1″ x 12.9″ (with stand)
  • Weight: 59.1 lb. (without stand); 68.3 lb. (with stand)
  • Power Supply: AC110-120V 60Hz
  • Apps platform
  • 3D
  • HDMI
  • Wi-Fi
  • Voice interaction
  • Motion control



The Samsung UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV comes with accessories needed in order to provide you with a better experience. You will be able to use the included 3D glasses and the remote control.


For the parts and labor, you will get one year warranty, while for the parts and labor commercial use, the warranty is of 90 days.


Samsung’s UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV is a new Smart TV, which is enhanced with a wide range of amazing features, meant to offer an improved user experience.


7.5 Total Score

Samsung UHD 4K HU9000 offers excellent pure picture quality, balance of style as well as features, however the curved display provides very little towards the viewing experience and it's current price tag $4,500 way too pricey.

Value for Money
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  1. The picture is great. Watching on blurays is awesome. The curve is just beautiful.

  2. The colors on this versions are way too dull that what i notice.

  3. The picture quality is superb. If you watch it on the on a side you don’t see the same quality.

  4. Believe me, the picture quality is UNBELIEVABLE. Super sharp. The colors pop and the blacks are great.

  5. Great TV. I hope there will more 4k content soon. Incredible clarity.

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