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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is another product developed and produced by Samsung. Since the Introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Series, more or more people have moved to Samsung away from some of the other brands of phones.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a much-improved version of the older Samsung Galaxy line. Its design allows portability because it is slim and light. It is particularly helpful for those who want a smart phone with a bigger screen but are at the same time easy to carry around. One can choose between the 8.4 inch and the 10.5” screen sizes but regardless of the screen size, the buyer is assured that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is much lighter than the previous Samsung models. The 8.4” screen size only has a weight of a little less than 300 grams while the bigger 10.5 inch screen size has a weight of around 467 grams. The edges of Samsung Galaxy Tab S have also been redesigned to make it look more sleek thus adding to it portability.


Another new and improved feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is its Multi Window capability. With this feature, one can now do and complete several different tasks in just a single screen. The Multi Window function allows the user to simultaneously chat with friends, watch a video and browse the internet. For the LTE model of the phone, one can even do multitasking while sending and receiving calls.

The new features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S do not end there because with the new Galaxy Tab S, you can now how easy and uninterrupted connection with your phone. After setting up the SideSync 3.0 to your galaxy Tab S, you can now view your phone screen using the Galaxy Tab S. The SideSync 3.0 program also allows one to copy and paste text messages with more ease. Since The Galaxy Tab S is not only a Tablet but it is also a phone hence you can send and receive voice calls using it.

One thing that makes Samsung standout from its competitors in the mobile industry is that it makes their smart phones and tablets similar to their smart televisions. When looking at the screen of any Samsung smart phone or tablet particularly when watching a video, the user will feel like he is watching on a television but only with a smaller screen. This feature has been further improved with the Adaptive Display feature of the Galaxy Tab S coupled with its Super AMOLED displays. The Adaptive Display allows for automatic adjustments on sharpness, color and contrast based on usage. Switching activities in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S such as from watching a movie to reading news is now much safer for the eye because the screen will adjust itself to provide you with the ideal display.

When it comes to security, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has what it takes to please a user. Finger Scanner allows access in a most convenient way without compromising safety. With a single swipe of your fingerprint, you can easily lock and unlock your device. Samsung has also included additional security features with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and these security features allows one to unlock and lock the unit, keep private contents away from other users and also keep private your personal files through the Multi-User Mode Login.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S that gives it better productivity than other units include the Cisco WebEx Solution, access to remote computers and also E-meeting. With the Cisco WebEx Solution, remote video conferencing for up to a maximum of eight persons can be allowed.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is good. Really good. With long battery life, a stunning screen and an especially thin and light design, it's a near-perfect product.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S can however have some flaws or defects. One user claims that it overheats when used for prolonged periods of time and the overheating leads to a deformity in the rear panel. The incident is an isolated incident and no confirmation has yet been received whether indeed this is a factory defect. Moreover, for those who prefer simplicity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S may be considered overdressed and not appealing to the eyes. This is not however a serious issue since every individual has his or her own preferences as to how his or her smart phone will look like.


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