Nikon D7200: An Overview and Review


For the past few years, the Nikon D7200‘s predecessor, the D7100, has been a favorite among photography enthusiasts everywhere. It has pretty much everything they ever wanted in a DSLR. However, there was still more that felt wanting. But after a long wait, they can now have the newer and better Nikon D7200.

To be sure, the upgrades are not necessary radical, however, they can be the deciding factor when capturing the perfect picture. Hopefully, this article can give a good overview of the Nikon D7200 and see if this just the camera for you!

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It fits perfectly and comfortably in a user's hands with its great ergonomics and specifically placed controls for seamless use. It also has a better and more accurate optical viewfinder, impeccable image quality, decent burst speed as well as quicker autofocus.

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Key Features and Specs

If you are not familiar with the specs of the new Nikon D7200 or you’re kind of new to the photography game, this section will give you a list of all the key features and specifications of this camera:

  • 2MP CMOS sensor (without an optical low-pass filter)
  • Multi-CAM3500DX II 51-point AF system (sensitive to -3EV)
  • 2016-pixel RGB metering sensor (for 3D subject tracking in AF-C)
  • ISO 100-25600 (with ISO 51200 and 102,400 black and white modes)
  • 6 fps continuous shooting and 7ps in 1.3x crop mode (increased buffer depth)
  • 1/800-sec maximum shutter speed
  • 2-inch and 1.2M dot RGBW LCD display
  • 1080p video recording in HD at up to 30fps (1x mode) and 60fps (1.3x mode)
  • Dual SDcard slots (SD, SHDHC, and SDXC memory card compatibility)
  • Wi-Fi (built-in) with NFC
  • Weather-sealed camera body (magnesium alloy)

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Like was mentioned earlier, there aren’t any big improvements made from the Nikon D7100 to the Nikon D7200. However, there are some very meaningful additions starting with:

  • Expeed 4 processor – it is step up from the D7100’s Expeed 3. It still gives you the same 6fps burst shooting, however, the burst duration has significantly improvement. It can go up to twenty-seven 12-bit RAW files (or 100 JPEGs) compared to the D7100 which fills out at only five RAW exposures.
  • Autofocus – It has the same AF system used by the Nikon D810.
  • Image quality – It produces some very stunning images as well with its 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor.
  • Video quality – There has yet to be a DSLR that has gone the full distance up to 4k but that doesn’t mean that the Nikon D7200 is slacking. It can shoot up to 1080p in 60fps.


  • Compared to the D7000 – It might not give you better photos than the D7000, but your ability to land a good shot (hit rate) might be improved. It also has a brighter viewfinder and better LCD monitor with some cool features that are similar to the D810 that the D7000 doesn’t have. Consider this, buying a D7200 after you have used a D7000 isn’t like upgrading from a bicycle to a car. The differences aren’t that dramatic. However, you can think of it as upgrading from a car that doesn’t have power-windows to one that does have power-windows.
  • Compared to the D7100 – For more video-heavy users, the D7200 could be a worthwhile investment and upgrade from teh D7100. With its larger buffer and better AF-system, it can provide with a better video-recording experience. But otherwise, it doesn’t seem to much of a big difference from its predecessor the D7100.
  • Compared to the D750 – This one boils down to preference and the user’s needs. Do you need a camera for low and high angle work? The D750 is the one to reach for. However, if you aren’t to interested in that, then maybe the D7200 is a better fit for you.
  • Compared to the D810 – The D810 definitely has the upper-hand with its faster frame rate (7fps) and its bigger buffer. However, if you are shooting distance subjects or likewise smaller objects you need to “reach” for, then D7200 surpasses the D810.
  • Compared to the Canon 7D Mark II – Again, this more of a what the user needs and his or her preference rather than actual comparison. When it comes to frames-per-second, then the 7D definitely outshines the D7200 with its 10 fps. However, it can be humbly said that the D7200 is a more all-around, versatile camera compared to the 7D in the sense that if you are not into shooting sports or wildlife-related shots which the 7D excels at, then the D7200 could be the one for you. The 7D Mark II is a professional-quality camera used in specialized situations while the D7200 is for the budding photography enthusiast or the new kind of user, the “prosumer”. It really is like talking about apples and oranges in this case.


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An obvious pro to the D7200 is it’s weather-sealed, magnesium body. Perfect for rugged and outdoor expeditions. It fits perfectly and comfortably in a user’s hands with its great ergonomics and specifically placed controls for seamless use. It also has a better and more accurate optical viewfinder, impeccable image quality, decent burst speed as well as quicker autofocus. And as was mentioned several times already, it has better buffer depths and thankfully, an extended battery life so you can keep on taking pictures for far longer before you need to plug it to an outlet.


If you are new to photography or are switching from a different camera model, using the D7200 may prove to have a steep learning curve for users. You can’t tilt or swivel the LCD monitor if you are into high or low angled shots. If you are using it live view, there is a lack of focus peaking. And despite the newly added Wi-Fi features, there is still much left wanting in it.


As of early April 2015, the Nikon D7200 can be sold either body-only or as a kit with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens. The body alone can cost roughly about $1,200 and if you plan to get it as a kit, it goes up to $1,700.



So, after all that has been said and done, should a prospective buyer go for the D7200? Let’s consider the facts. Like was mentioned early on, the D7200 does not have any dynamic upgrades to mention. It doesn’t feel or look too different from it’s predecessor and the newly added Wi-Fi feature needs a little more fine-tuning.

However, it is also true that the images on the D7200 are amazing and it can’t be said enough, the AF system is incredible. The body of the camera is just perfect for the outdoors and constant use.

You may not need to trade in your well-loved Nikon D7100 just yet but for new users or the newly acquainted to the photography world, the D7200 is a good place to start.


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  1. I use this baby for sports photography it’s amazing.

  2. The ease of access to all my settings on the dial and the rear panel is super handy.

  3. This camera is superb, ISO is really clean try 5000.

  4. The quiet shutter mode is pretty good but not as quiet as the D810.

  5. Great image quality and good build quality.

  6. Possibly best in class at this price range with great glass choices.

  7. Clean detailed files nice for action sports and wildlife.

  8. What a excellent machine! Fast and accurate.

  9. I’m very impressed with this bad boy! The image quality is excellent.

  10. It’s light, compact, well constructed, quiet (quieter than the d750) and just works beautifully.

  11. This camera is super quick to focus and takes very crisp photos.

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