Nikon D5: The Latest Doyen DSLR

This product improves the ancient D4 with a quicker 12 FPS edge rate,especially important for athletic games and with a crazier elevated ISO set. As hoped for, it holds additional AF points compared to before, yet you can only select a few.  This means 55 points to select from, even when it claims to possess 153 AF points concealed somewhere.

The indisputably new and hot cameras, such as Nikon D5, is always having people wait for a couple of days.  In fact, you may not even be able to get them in time for your summer holidays!  And even through the web, the queue of incoming orders, fills quickly and postponing your order for a day could put you behind for months.

Obviously, you should get the version with a CF-card.  The XQD-card version is just for folks with a workflow of XQD.  The singular real benefit of XQD exists that you cannot bend bits, a help if you exchange cards quickly, hard, besides often.  So, what is new with the Nikon D5?


  1. 12 FPS having AE and AF tracking – 14 FPS locked-up in the workroom;
  2. 153 AF points rated downward towards LV -4 or full moonbeam on the sand;
  3. 200-frame cushion at speeds, even within 14-bit not compressed raw through an amply quick card;
  4. 4K audio-visual;
  5. Can take stills throughout the video;
  6. Comes within two models: two CF-card or XQD niches;
  7. Controls wireless slaves;
  8. ISO’s to 102,400 to the same degree of regular ISO’s, expandable towards ISO 3,276,800 by way of “HI+5”; and,
  9. Touch monitor.


  1. Absence of the exposure method button close to the board up release. Instead, it has been transferred off towards the left-hand edge of the camera, as well as an ISO knob appearing in its usual place;
  2. Just 20 MP or 5,568 x 3,712 pixels native. You have to purchase a D810 aimed at elevated resolution;
  3. Lack of WI-FI, hence, you have to buy it additionally;
  4. No deadlock on running switch and is easy towards knocking settings by chance, besides missing shots;
  5. Nonexistence of auto illumination control intended for the LCD, which the previous model has;
  6. Still not any full-frame AF is built-in. It might have a great deal of points, yet they are all within the middle of the picture;and,
  7. Nonappearance of a sane spare of idiotic traditional settings of Nikon, which have been a central weakness of the brand since its introduction in 2003. There stays no U1, U2, U3 or C1, C2, C3 or M1, M2, M3 or whatsoever modes. Thus, no saving and recalling of camera sets.

As the Nikon D5 is, at hand is by no means to protect camera sets immediately.  The Custom Banks remain re-written each time you fix the camera without any way towards locking it.  It started being shipped only last March 2016.  What saddens most people though is the zero novelty in the said product.

While its competing brand adds fresh features, such as the capability to shoot through flickering ground and showground lighting, the Nikon D5 appears similar to the D4 with just an added frame each second.  Probably there will be more reprogramming soon.


The camera is so built well with a hard metal structure.  It is sealed against weather, and thus, makes it a suitable camera to use for taking pictures in any weather whatsoever.  The grip feels enormously solid, having a big rubber hand grip stretching all the way from the anterior and round towards the rear.

On the rear of the Nikon D5 is a good-sized grip for the thumb, making it promising to take a secure control of it.  The perpendicular shooting hand grip also provides a profound grip, as well as a relaxed recess in support of your mid finger. You will likewise find a big thumb hold on the back.

It is among the heavyweight fully frame digital SLR’s obtainable, weighing 1,405grams, which is heavier than the D4 it replaced.  You could hold it with a hand, yet it is not recommended.  Instead, holding it with both hands still exists as a wholesome idea, while giving it a stable grip.


Nikon D5 20.8 MP FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body (XQD Version)

$5,996.95 $6,499.95 in stock
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13 used from $3,749.00
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 4, 2023 4:53 am

Nikon D5 20.8 MP FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body (CF Version)

$5,996.95 $6,499.95 in stock
5 new from $5,996.95
5 used from $4,201.63
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 4, 2023 4:53 am


If you are used to a tinier Digital SLR, the Nikon D5 will look particularly huge, however, this would be of an advantage if you operate with bigger lenses.Illuminated keys makes it simple to locate the controls and buttons when filming in dim conditions. The ISO knob has been transferred closer towards the close release switch, making it fast and simple to modify the speed of the ISO,

There remains three programmable function push buttons, labeled Fn1, Fn2, and Fn3.  You could also customize the Pv and AF-ON keys, besides the unmarked vertical utility button close to the release switch of the shutter.  The focus structure can be configured in 72-point, 153-point, as well as 25-point exposure settings within Continuous AF approach.

The entire 153 focus points remain well-suited when used with AF NIKKOR lenses having a free opening of f/5.6, or even faster, besides 15 core focus points working with a real opening of f/8. Focus functions down towards -4 EV in the Nikon D5, as well as having 99 cross-type focus points.

Moreover, there exist options towards adjusting the manner the AF functions with focus tracing options allowing you to set stopped shot AF reaction or fast to defer, and subject movement or changeable to stable.  It also highlights three dimensional tracking aspect detection and watch area, as well as predictive focal point tracking.

Generally, all features are automatically set in motion in line with the subject importance when using a Nikon D5.  And because of these many choices or item scenarios, this new camera excels over its competing brands.  Finally, the visual viewfinder exists clear and large.  Also, there stays a decent overlay of focal points that makes you clearly identify what is focused upon when taking pictures.  You could easily take off the eye adapter through pressing inside the dual release controls.  In addition, the crystal in the center is coated with fluorine.




9.5 Total Score

The screen on the Nikon D5 is excellent, with a very clear display and an excellent resolution. Optical viewfinder is large, and clear. Focus system is configurable in 153-point, 72-point and 25-point coverage settings in Continuous AF mode.

Value for Money
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  1. This camera opens up so many low light possibilities! Amazing

  2. Nikon D5 is the real deal. Great and beautiful images and very fast focus with the right lens.

  3. The speed and accuracy are fantastic. It even feels better in the hand.

  4. Crisp, fast focus. Super-bright viewfinder with excellent contrast.

  5. Love it! My only complain is the battery. You’ll need at least 2 as backup.

  6. The Nikon D5 is just mind blowing! Good Job Nikon!

  7. Focusing is amazing with 152 points of autofocus.

  8. Worth every penny! This camera is a beast. It’s heavy and solidly built.

  9. Good quality build.

  10. The fast burst mode works as advertised with autofocus and exposure adjustment between frames up to 12 fps.

  11. Touch screen is wonderful add ons. Great amazing camera

  12. King of cameras for low light photography.

  13. Get the XQD version you wont be disappointed. The faster download speed is very noticeable.

  14. Nikon’s top-line DSLR, designed primarily for high-speed photojournalistic shots and extreme low light.

  15. The auto-focus speed and accuracy are unmatched.

  16. Excellent camera, low light is the best.

  17. It is a big and heavy beast of a camera and is a thing of beauty. Nikon as its best!

  18. Incredible high native ISO of 102,400, sensor resolution of 20.8 Million, 153-point auto focus points,

  19. It’s heavy, but that is good, solid feel of quality equipment.

  20. I agree with all the commenters. Auto focus is indeed amazing. High ISO. Overall Great Camera!

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