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Microsoft Surface Book Pro: An Astonishing Laptop That Works More Than What a Tablet Can Do!

Ultra-thin, it is meticulously made with unbelievable screen outcome. This exists as the supreme laptop as it acknowledges the existence of greatness in humanity.And using the correct tools, you position yourself with no limitations.  You can be cheeky, inspired and simply do anything you deem special.

What is more?  It would be wise to know about this novelty and its characteristics.

  1. Ultimate adaptability

The Microsoft Surface Book Pro converts into three diverse configurations, modifying to the manner of your work, besides your workplaces.  It can be a:

  1. Powerful processor – It is considered as the primary full computer in the Microsoft Surface variety. It is powerful with a full-sized, backlighted typeset for quick and normal typing;
  2. Handy clipboard – The 13.5-inch PixelSense™ presentation detaches simply from the typeset to turn into a slim, nimble tablet that functions perfectly when using Surface Pen and OneNote; and,
  3. Creative work –You can turn the monitor around, as well as reattach it, towards using it as you would an original canvas. By recombining it towards the typeset, you reveal its complete creative influence in a ball-point first approach.


  1. Ultimate functioning

The Microsoft Surface Book Pro is crafted to become an inventive workhorse.  You can combine with it a sixth Gen Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 supercomputer with a maximum memory of 16GB1, and an elective discrete visual chip.  In addition, it complements serious imagination through the use of the multiple touch PixelSense™ monitor and Surface Pen towards creating with any desktop apps you previously use, such as Photoshop®, Adobe®, as well as Illustrator.3.  It can also be a mobile workshop as it is designed to act through expert grade picture and audio-visual editing.

  1. Runs Microsoft windows and office flawlessly

With this novelty, you can have the finest Windows always with a great deal of fresh features you will love, such as innovations within personalization, security and output.  It is, in fact, a full Office as it works faultlessly with the complete set of Office items.  As a result, it can drive your production to novel heights.

Moreover, with Microsoft Surface Book Pro, you can write straight on pages on the web with your Surface Pen within the new Microsoft Edge browser, besides share your summaries easily.  It has the total power you will need to support even the highly demanding imaginative apps.  You can also use Adobe® apps with a mouse or pen and available with extra memory and storage.


Although for just a short working as a computer hardware creator, Microsoft has developed into a defacto trailblazer representing Windows-running procedures.  Everything started through the patronizing promise that this tablet can replace a laptop.  For the last three years, skepticism prevailed, yet after the Surface Pro 3, the company nearly achieved the formulation and presented veteran CPU manufacturers the manner hybrids ought to be created.

Now, the company introduces the Microsoft Surface Book Pro.  Like the tablets previous to it, this book takes an exclusive spin atop the net-note format for almost the last half a century.  Amid the 3:2 feature ratio, 13.5-inch monitor and its practically patented “dynamic fulcrum” pivot, there is not any mechanism on Earth like this book that, at the drop of a key and a mild tug, it turns into a tablet!


If a slit in the space and time continuum stood to abruptly rip gaping, two crazes would drop out of it: the Apocalypse and the Surface Book!  From the serpent-like hinge, the smooth design down towards its washed-out silvery color, everything concerning it simply seems similar to futuristic stuffs.

Milled from binary solid magnesium blocks, the Microsoft Surface Book Pro feels robust to touch and possesses a far minimalist chic of its own.From control deck towards the hand rests, the whole interior is just a flat metal surface, except for its large room taken for the crystal touchpad.

At its midpoint, there is a connective piece that the company calls as the energetic fulcrum pivot.  Ahead of gluing the monitor and typeset base altogether, it is this important piece that enables the entire device to work.Instead of folding it flatly, the pivot basically loops into itself, devising an obvious gap amid the monitor and typeset when it is shut.

When you open the Microsoft Surface Book Pro, this part evens out, as well as actually extending the bottom of the book.  In turn, it helps increase the care base aimed at its tablet part, termed as the Clipboard.While an old-style notebook monitor might weigh up at a maximum of half a pound, its highest section weighs 1.6pounds, since it covers all the needed parts towards acting as a separate tablet.

By itself, the pivot has been strengthened and comprises extra devices, like the watchband style hinge of the Lenovo Yoga 900, to retain it positioned.  Actually, it is hard as a tower of strength that you could even pick it up and jiggle it around without fussing about it falling separately.

On an even surface, the monitor of the Microsoft Surface Book Pro is organized steadily positioned and stays set when you place it on your knees.The lone times the monitor wobbles exist when you are poking it using your Surface ballpoint or finger, but that certainly comes with operating any laptop touchscreen.

With the gap in this book, dust, besides other nasty jiffies will not move into its interior to any further extent than by a normal laptop, except if you are a predominantly messy individual.  After seven days of working on the book religiously, you can pass your finger over the inner hinge edge and not see a speck of dirt.


Strengths of the Microsoft Surface Book Pro:

  • Futuristic pattern
  • Unrivaled spectacle
  • Seamless separation of the tablet

Weaknesses of the Microsoft Surface Book Pro:

  • Battery lifespan falls short of its promises
  • Major renovations are yet in process


While the Microsoft Surface Book Probrings numerous technological modernization to the computer space, its greatest strong point is being a multifaceted, terrific piece of equipment.


8.5 Total Score

Packs with high-end components and lighter. The high-res screen looks great, ultra thin and the included stylus pen is excellent.

Battery Life
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Microsoft Surface Book Pro

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