Madden 15 and Madden 15 Ultimate Team – Best Madden Editions

These days, there are so many games available in the market, you can simply purchase some of them and play. However, not every game is equally interesting and engaging, and after some period of time, you may consider them boring. Of course, that is not the case with every game on the market, which is why you should choose the games you will play according to your interests. If you are the sport lover, especially NFL fans, you will be absolutely thrilled with Madden 15 and Madden 15 Ultimate Team.

Madden NFL game

The Madden NFL game is the game created by EA sports and developed by EA Tiburon. It is ideal for all those players who are true fans of football. Madden NFL comes out every year, and there is always something new and exciting, such as changes, improvements, and new features. For all those reasons, this game is so popular among gamers all around the world, and they had gladly purchased it. EA is very aware of the Madden NFL popularity, which is why they are giving their best to add something innovative and refreshing each year, to keep players interested and engaged with the game. The entire game is based on the National Football League, which is why it is so exciting.

Madden Ultimate Team special mode

Madden Ultimate Team is the special mode in which players have the ability to create their team with the option of purchasing player packs. When you score a touchdown, and win the game, you can buy the pack with earned coins. That is not the only option to buy the packs, because you can do it with real money as well, through Xbox live and Play Station accounts. The more coins you earn, your chances are better, and eventually, you will be able to build your Ultimate Team and conquer it all.

Madden 15 PS4

Madden 15 PS4

Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15 is the newest edition of Madden NFL series, and it was announced in April 2014 and finally hit the markets in North America on August 2014. The game is available on several different platforms, such as:

  • Play Station 3
  • Play Station 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

As many years before, the athlete for the Madden NFL 15 cover was selected by the votes of fans conducted by EA sports…The athlete who won the cover is Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks cornerback.

New features

Creators of the game carefully read the reviews of players, and they gave their best to fix all the issues from the previous games. They wanted to provide the best user experience for those who are playing Madden NFL series for years now. The most innovative thing in Madden NFL 15 is a global dynamic camera system that gives players more details and that professional feel they wanted. The scenes are more dynamical, and players can interact. Graphics are improved as well. The phenomenal upgrade that will make each player happy is that defense is not so core anymore. It feels impactful, and you are in charge now. Defense features are definitely different now, and when you play the game you can actually confront the competitors, because there are the some new moves, defensive cameras, and thanks for all those things, your team members will understand their tasks perfectly. There is a brand-new play calling system.

Enjoy playing with the perfect user experience

When you play the night games, lights and shadows are done perfectly, and you will have the feeling like you are actually watching your favorite theme on the TV screen. The look of the stadiums is improved a lot, and it gives fans enjoyment they deserve.

There are some changes as you may see, but some parts of the game that every fan likes is still present, such as Madden Ultimate team and Connected Franchise.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Madden 15 Ultimate Team

NFL players are changing over the years. They are giving their best to be faster, smarter and stronger during the games. Therefore, Madden 15 Ultimate Team is a bit different than previous editions as well. There are new elites in packs, and certain items have been upgraded to gold. That is not all. There are some fresh solo challenges such as:

  • Road to the playoffs
  • MVP solo Challenges
  • Dual Style Solo Challenges

Moreover, the Madden 15 Ultimate team offers new vault sets, new MVP sets, coaching legend sets, new warehouse sets, and new road master set. The focus is on the main team.

Madden 15 Ultimate Edition

Madden 15 Ultimate Edition is designed for the unique and thrilling user experience. The package includes Madden NFL 15, MUT – Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs, and Draft Class Pack.


Critics’ reviews

Some of the Madden NFL editions were not as great as critics and users expected them to be. However, situation with Madden 15 and Madden 15 Ultimate Team are entirely different. Critics’ reviews are strictly positive, and you can see that game was improved on so many levels. Critics consider this edition as one of the best Madden NFL editions presented by EA sports in quite some time. After several disappointments, this edition completely enchanted the experts, and players as well. Everyone is talking about the defense improvements, and the new play-calling system. Reviews are more than great, which is why this edition may be considered as one of the best ever published. Moreover, there are less bugs and issues, and the entire game play experience is on a brand-new level.


If you are a fan of the Madden NFL series, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this edition. It was designed for the complete enjoyment of players, and with the new amazing features, and options, it really is something you will take pleasure in. If you have never played Madden NFL before, but you like American football, the real question is: what are you waiting for? With this game, you can enjoy in American football whenever you want to, not only during Sunday evening when your favorite teams are on TV. Have fun playing!


8 Total Score

Madden NFL 15 editions were not as great as critics and users expected them to be. You can see that game was improved on so many levels.

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