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Do you agree modern technologies are more powerful than ever? Yes, it’s right! Practically every day, there are some new inventions, and products available on the market, designed to make your life a lot easier. Most people cannot even imagine their lives without laptops and desktop computers, smart phones and tablets. The internet became the best way to find everything you need. Times have definitely changed. Every home, and every office use computers, and store important data on it. Video and photo content is very important as well, and those things will always be kept on computers and memory cards. Backup is very significant, which is why the device you will use to customize your workflow is something you should carefully choose.

Lexar Professional Workflow HR2 Four-Bay as ideal solution for experts

If you are one of the people who carries the camera all around, and if you create a lot of data with it, you will be more than thrilled with Lexar Professional Workflow. It is the best solution you can find on the market, the solution that will help you to transfer all the videos and images you have, but the best part of the experience is the fact you can do it at once from several memory cards. How great is that? You can create your own setup, and with a single click, you can transfer everything that is important to you. The entire job is done in a short period of time, and transfer of data is very simple and easy.

Hub and readers

When purchasing the hub, keep in mind that hub is sold separately. You will get the device with no readers, which means you will have to purchase the readers as well. Once you do that, just insert the reader in the hub, and you will be ready to transfer your data. The readers are practically flawless, and the most important thing is that they are mounted very fast. You will not have to wait, and transferring the data, such as videos and images, will not be time consuming as it once was. As already mentioned, you can insert several cards at the same time, and you can transfer basically tons of data, with one click. With high-speed performance, this device is something you always wanted to have, and it is finally here.


Transfer photos and videos with ease

This device is designed for all those people who work with data such as videos and photos, and it is the ideal solution for:

  • Professional photographers
  • Amateur photographers
  • Videographer
  • Adventure seekers, and people who simply enjoy taking photos and shooting videos

Choose your combination and get started

Capacities of storages are different, and you have several options, such as 256 GB or 512 GB. The only thing you should do is decide what combination would be the perfect one for you, your desires and needs. The feature you will definitely like is that you can remove the storage drivers and readers as well from the hub, each time you need to use them somewhere else, on the go. That option is simply perfect.

Transfer of large files has never been easier

This device is designed to help you transfer larger files with ease and simplicity. With USB 3.0 speeds, all your images and videos, and other large files you have will be transferred in a blink of an eye. LED capacity meter will allow you to track how much space you have left, and with the speed that goes up to 450 MB/s everything will be done efficiently, and you will not have to wait too long and waste your time. You can concentrate on some other things, because the transfer of all the important that you have will be faster than ever.

Innovative design

Appearance matters, and this device is astonishing in every single way. Performance is on the highest possible level, and the design is innovative, modern and most importantly very practical. There is the drive hub, storage drivers (two of them), and six readers. The available color is black, and whenever you decide to place it, it will be a perfect match, because the design is simple, but compelling.

Quality and dependability

When it comes to your data, you only want the best products and devices on your side. Your work matters, and Lexar is the company that fully understands your needs and desires. Every Lexar device is made of high-quality material, but more importantly, it was carefully tested in device labs to insure that the final product will provide the users exactly what they need: compatibility, the best possible performance, consistency, and unique and easy to use experience. One more time, Lexar did not disappoint the users, because Professional Workflow HR2 Four-Bay was designed using the latest standards, modern and inventive solutions, which is why the results are so thrilling.


One more proof that Lexar offering the best products on the market when it comes to data transfer is a two-year Warranty for Professional Workflow HR2 Four-Bay. When purchasing the product, warranty is for the hub, and readers, all four of them!

Satisfaction is guaranteed

If you choose to buy Professional Workflow HR2 Four-Bay, you will be absolutely thrilled with the results. Finally, data transfer will not be such a time consuming task. It will be simple, easy and very enjoyable. This definitely is the finest solution you can find on the market these days, because you can transfer your photos and videos fast and efficient. No matter if you are a professional photographer, videographer, or you simply like to take photos, this device is everything you need to transfer the data, and back it up safely. With two-year warranty, and affordable price, there is no chance you will be disappointed with it. Speed of transfer is astonishing, and Lexar tests their products and device to make sure that they are reliable and efficient. Professional Workflow HR2 Four-Bay will help you to finish your tasks on time, and your data will be kept safe, which is the most important thing for you.



7.5 Total Score

This device is designed for all those people who work with data such as videos and photos, and it is the ideal solution

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  1. This is good for any photography business owner like me. This card reader is FAST! The price is amazing as well, I was surprised. Kudos to Lexar for such a great product.

  2. This thing is incredible and I’m glad got one. Very fast date transfer and I love that I can stack four cards to be read at once. what you waiting for buy one now!

  3. I love this little thing I can get so many more photos transferred in less the time. Beautiful design.

  4. That blue indicator light is super-bright. If you work in a dimmed production environment, you might need to cover it with something. Overall, a good purchase.

  5. Easy to slide the card in and super fast data transfer. Highly recommend.

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