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Have you heard or seen nexus 9 tablet? In case you have not set your eye or feel this wonderful tablet from Google which made best table of the year in 2014, this article is going to offer you review on it. You are going to learn more about the look, design, enhanced features, ergonomic features and technology that form the backbone of this wonderful and well built device. Really, this wonderful tablet from Google is the first tablet that is released with Android 5.0 Lollipop built by HTC. It is the first in the range of nexus that is built with 4:3 screens instead of the large widescreen that is popular among tablets produced by Google.

A Look at the Look and Design of Nexus 9

In order to ensure overall pleasure and satisfaction of users on this wonderful tablet, it is designed with slight curves as well as soft grip. It is also made with slim design that made it suitable both for work and play. Both the shape and style of this wonderful tablet are just similar to iPad Air2 which is a little bit deviation from the normal style of nexus series.

Some Features That Made Nexus 9 Easy To Handle

Apart from the soft grip handle associated with this wonderful tablet it is designed with enough size bezel where you can easily rest your thumb on while using the device. It is also absolutely comfortable to carry around and to use at any point in it. If you are sitting down and your both hands are free you will definitely enjoy nexus 9 more.


Quality Construction on Nexus 9

This great tablet is designed with lightweight material which made it easy for you to handle it for a long time without any feel of discomfort. More so, it is produced with thin bezel as well as well brushed metal side. It is beautified with a unique color coupled with a clean line. More so, this wonderful and amazing tablet is both sleek and sturdy ensuring durability to the user.

Hint on the Processor Incorporated In Nexus 9

Obviously, nexus 9 is designed with high quality and technologically improved processor of about 64-bit. The process operates with high blazing speed making it easy for the user to enjoy the device at any point in time. You can easily move around between tabs with this device when you want to check your emails, work on a document, and watch your interesting videos and others just at the same time due to the quality of the processor.

The Foldable Property of Nexus 9

This wonderful and great tablet is built with emerging technology all rounds. It can be used either as a tablet or as a laptop simply with a simple tweak on it helping to expand the functionality of the tablet. You can easily launch the camera by bending just one corner of this tablet and you can also transform the case to comfortable stand for the tablet when you bend two corners of the cover.

What You Must Know About the Responsiveness of Nexus 9 Keyboard

Peradventure, you are searching for a tablet that will enable you to do your work anywhere you are whether at home, in the office or even while on the go, this wonderful and newly released nexus tablet will make a good and perfect choice for you. This can easily be linked to the high responsive keyboard that comes with this device. You can decide to buy only the tablet without the keyboard as both are being sold separately.

Specification of Nexus 9

Before going ahead to grab this wonderfully designed tablet you need to pay more attention on the specification of the internal and external components. The specs of this device include;

  • It is designed with 8.9 inches IPS LSC display
  • The battery that comes with it is 6700 Amp in capacity
  • The camera is 8MP rear camera and 1.6MP front camera
  • The processor speed is about 2.3 GHz and it is 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1
  • The GPU is 192-core Kepter
  • The memory is 16GB and 32 GB.

A Must Know about Pricing and Software the Runs in Nexus 9

Considering the features and functionalities that are associated with nexus 9 coupled with the fact that it is the first tablet to be launched with Android 5.0 Lollipop the price is quite cost effective. It is being sold at $399.99 making it among the less expensive tablet in the nexus series.

The Display of Nexus 9

Truly, this wonderful tablet is designed with perfect screen display. It is designed with 8.9-inch screen which is just large enough to offer the user wonderful working and video watching experience. The most interesting thing about the screen of this device is that it offers the user amazing display but still small enough to avoid causing discomfort to the user. For that reason, you can easily carry this device to any place you want to go without any feel of pain on your hand due to weight.

Points to Note About Clear Sound Associated With Nexus 9

Another plus associated with nexus 9 is the quality of speaker it is designed with. The speaker offers the user brittle and clear sound at any time. For that reason, you will be sure of enjoying more immersive sound without any form of distortion. You will for sure enjoy satisfactory sound with this amazing tablet due to the quality of speaker that is incorporated in it. The speaker of this tablet is known to come from HTC design labs as the speakers share the same Boom-Sound with the speaker of HTC M8. Unlike other tablets, whose speaker can easily be blocked by holding them on the hand, this wonderful tablet from Google is produced with features that made it easy to hold on the hand without blocking the speaker making the tablet the best among other tablets in the nexus series.


8.5 Total Score

Nexus 9 is the Google's first tablet to run Android Lollipop 5. 0 built by HTC. It offers excellent performance and impressive sound quality.

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Battery Life
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  1. I like the feel of this tablet it competes well with other tablets on the market. Thumbs up for HTC for delivering a solid tablet. Love Android 5.0 lollipop so sweet.

  2. So wonderful tablet, as everything you want from a state of art tablet. High end all around.

  3. Is just me apps load so slow!!! Transitions are like choppy and laggy!!!

  4. Loves my nexus 9 tablet. Great build quality and screen. Performs great.

  5. This is so perfect tablet comes with Android Lollipop.

  6. I really like this tablet! So far been good and had no problem. Love the quality, sound or screen.

  7. This is a beautiful tablet. It feels so good on my hands. Perfect dimension and size.

  8. One thing I don’t like about nexus 9 no micro sd card expansion, boring—NEXT!!!

  9. Excellent! Lollipop runs great and operating so smooth. Fast, easy to use, synched to my Google account, updated… Life is great.

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