Dark Souls 3: First Impressions

This is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware.  It is published through Bandai Namco Entertainment aimed at Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  Initially released in Japan last March 24, 2016 as the fourth admission in the series, it was circulated worldwide only in April of 2016.

Game Description

Dark Souls III is a usual game within a third-person viewpoint, like previous gameplay series.  As stated by its series maker and principal director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the gameplay strategy followed carefully Dark Souls II.Players exist furnished with an assortment of arms, including crossbows, fire grenades, great swords, and two wielding swords, towards fighting the enemies.

They also have shields used towards deflecting an attack of the enemy and defend the participant from being damaged.Each strike has a twofold and different characters, with one being a benchmark attack, andanother being slightly far powerful that it can be launched up, like the previous gameplay of FromSoftware, the Bloodborne.

Additionally, attacks in Dark Souls III could be shirked through dodging and rolling. Bonfires, serving as barriers, are back from earlier installments.Ashes, as said by Miyazaki, portray a significant role within the gameplay.The supernatural aspects stay featured within it as well with a recurring magic scheme, known by way of FP or Focus Point, from the Demon’s Souls.

When doing spells, the focus points of players are used up, if not decreased. There remain two individual Estus Flasks types in the gameplay, too, which could be selected to match the particular playing style of the player. One can refill success points similar to previous series games, while the other refills FP.

The latter is a newly presented feature in the Dark Souls III.  Movements and combat are made quicker and highly fluid in this new version.  Some movements of the players, like stepping back and veering heavy armaments, are being performed extra rapidly,allowing the players towards dealing with more harm in brief periods.

Throughout the gameplay, players meet different kinds of opponents, each having different conduct.  Some change their fighting pattern throughout the battles. New war features remain introduced likewise, including armament and protection skills that refers to special capabilities that varies with the weapon used.

This enables unique bouts and highlights at the expense of FP in Dark Souls III.  The gameplay puts additional focus upon role-playing, wherein the personality builder stands expanded, as well as weapons improved, towards providing more calculated options for the players.

The gameplay features less overall charts than its forerunner, the Dark Souls II, yet created bigger and supplementary detailed maps, which inspires exploration. The flexibility stat of the previous version was detached in the new version, with similar stats adjusted. The gameplay features multiple player elements, similar to the preceding series games.


Set within the LothricKingdom, a bell rung to deliver a signal that the First Flame, accountable for extending the Fire Age, is endangered.  The Fire Age in Dark Souls III is a time where one resurrects from a fire after dying and endures an unnatural, long existence.

Some, though, see this by way of a jinx and that the existing never earns a moment of rest.  While the First Flame starts to die, the Fire Age diminishes and the Dark Age approaches. As performed numerous times over, the Fire Age can be extended with the joining of the flames, a rite wherein great heroes and lords sacrifice their spirits to encourage the First Flame.

Once the bell resonates in Dark Souls III, the Cinder Lords abandon their rule resulting to the Ashen One, a living warrior, rising and taking on the burden of stopping an approaching apocalypse caused by the never-ending conflict amid the dark and fire ages.To properly link the fire, Ashen One should restore four previous Cinder Lords, who are heroes linked the fire across eras, backward to their dominions within the Firelink Shrine.

Due to the decision of the Lords to depart, Ashen One should return their souls and supremacy back towards their rule by conquering them, besides returning their remains into the tomb.When Ashen One triumphs in bringing back the Cinder Lords to their powers, he travels towards the wrecks of the First Flame Kiln.

There, he will encounter the Cinder Soul, a merger of the entire previous Cinder Lords who had joined the fire in Dark Souls III. Once the Cinder Soul is beaten, three conclusions are likelyto happen depending upon the actions of the player in the gameplay.


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This game received serious acclaim on its issue, with compliments provided to the visuals, as well as the combat mechanism of the game.  In fact, Chloi Rad of IGN gave the gameplay a 9.5 rating, where 10 is the perfect score.  Rich Stanton of Euro gamere valuated the gameplay as vital and likewise stated the Dark Souls III being an excellent game.

He likewise added that it was an appropriate end to the run.  Moreover, Steven Strom of Ars Technica commented that he considered the name of the game having the flat and an imposing version of the signature chic of the run.He further added that several best chief fights within any version of the game can be found in the latest version.

Simon Parkin of The Guardian furnished the gameplay a perfect score and penned that,though the gameplay may not possess the innovation of the initial version, it is a more primeval and smooth masterpiece of the runs.


Criticism for Dark Souls III is aimed at topics on the frame ratio and presentation of the game, linear chart design, besides the manner Bandai Namco tackled the unveiling.  Philip Kollar of Polygon regarded the gameplay as a 7 over 10, uttering disappointment at its deficiency in surprises, as well as the random environment of the game design.

He alleged that in extremely many salient ways, its world design, pacing and technology powering it, made the game falls behind its mark. A later reinforcement, issued last April 9, sorted out some set up rate, besides technical matters reviewers had concerning the gameplay.


8.5 Total Score

Is this really the end of the series? Then farewell SOULS gamers. Dark Souls III is tough for noobs but phenomenal game for experience gamers. Difficult and unforgiving, but rewarding. It provides with great music along with perfect design.

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  1. Fantastic. Immersive and intense as hell.

  2. Great game, very entertaining, very addictive.

  3. This game is incredible. I had some doubt before release but now I know everything is perfect.

  4. Good graphics, great textures, and amazing style.

  5. The gameplay is smooth and fun.

  6. It is actually quite repetitive and boring game.

  7. Best story – best game play – best online server.

  8. One of the best games ever.

  9. This is very much so a high quality game.

  10. Combat feels better than ever. It’s a great close to the Souls borne series.

  11. Gorgeous graphics, to the fluid gameplay. This game is flawless.

  12. Instantly one of my favorite games ever. The level of effort put in to making this game is incredible.

  13. A must-play for souls veterans, and a good game for new players.

  14. Amazing game. Easy 50+ playing hours. Worth every penny.

  15. Hard but a great game , good atmosphere, good gameplay.

  16. Best dark souls yet, period.

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