Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II NEW JEWEL in Digital Photography

Canon has developed new PowerShot series of digital cameras – and it represents an improved digital camera model. This camera has astonishing 12.8 MP resolution. Besides this, it also comes with 1,5 inch CMOS sensor and processor which can produce high-resolution crystal clear images. Of course, digital camera these days must come with video recording function, and this one is no exception: video features 1080p resolution (also known as full HD) along side with amazing quality of low light and ISO 12800 sensitivity. Amazing processor combined with new sensor creates something Canon calls HS system – it will help delivering improved quality of images taken at low light, while at the same time improving general clarity of both shots and videos. Videos come with reduced noise quality, while clarity is definitely pristine.

Digit 6 processor provides several features for speed, such as max resolution quality at non-stop shooting pace of totally 5.2 frames per second. Also, AF system (at high speed) is in charge for continuous sharpness quality in a range of different conditions of photo shooting.


Features of the model:
This model allows you to optically zoom the image 5 times and it’s focal range of 35mm is equivalent of 24 to 120mm range that covers many perspectives. A max aperture of 2-3.9f enables you to easily shoot in low light quality.

With added 9blade diaphragm you will manage to focus on your subject and achieve very nice quality (even out-of-focus one) in rather shallow depth while taking field images. Stabilizers for images are normal things these days, and the optical one built in here will help you to minimize the consequence of a camera shaking while working on the go, while still enabling to work with greater focal lengths and longer shutter speeds.

The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Digital Camera combines numerous stylish elements that combined enable you really easy, intuitive handling:

  • 3 inch LCD touch screen (1040k dot capacitive) with tilting design
  • newly developed lens with increased shooting efficiency thanks to the double control rings that enable full-time hand focusing

Improvements in this model:

Further improving and adding to camera functions is added Wi-Fi that enables you to share images and videos on the go, no matter where you are shooting or recording. Connecting is improved thanks to the in-built NFC technology. When you connect your digital camera and Smartphone, you will be able to control camera shutter through Smartphone as well.

Smart IS system provides for amazing stabilization options that relate to individual shooting situations. You can choose among:

  • The Normal setting corrects that works perfect in the regular still photo shooting conditions, still correcting almost any movement
  • Movement settings intuitively activates when detects panning shot and doesn’t compensates for lateral shaking
  • The Macro setting corrects shift type shake that usually happens when you take close-ups
  • The Dynamic setting is the great choice when you’re working with video and big angles and will remove consequence of shake that happens when you walk and shoot
  • Settings that neutralize hand shaking
  • Tripod active setting when you work on tripod

1080p resolution (full HD) recording is enriched with the stereo microphone which can produce clear sound. Also, instant playback to a HD TV is supported – because there is built-in HDMI port.

Other interesting features worth mentioning here are amazing abilities to shoot or record videos in the evening thanks to start shooting mode that includes: Star Trails, Star Nightscapes, Star Portrait and Star Time-Lapse Movie. All these modes come with color adjustment, night display and star emphasis.



7.5 Total Score

Overall conclusion: The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II corrected pretty much every problem of the original G1 X. It also provides several new functions along with a nice lens, however the overall experience only does not meet it's cost.

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