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Call of Duty: WWII- The Responsibility of a Soldier

Call of Duty: WWII is a recently launched first-person shooter video game that has been developed by the Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. It has been designed for a range of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and has won the heart of most of the gamers within a short span of time. It is the fourteenth edition in the Call of Duty series and after a long time the gamers have been able to come across a game that is primarily set against the backdrop of World War I. The last one was Call of Duty: World at War, six years back in 2008. The game seems to be a combination of three different types of games. Let us review it in detail:

Key Features:

Gameplay: It is basically a first person shooter game. There is only one type of movement involved unlike the previous versions where people could also go for double jumping and wall running. So it basically features the ‘boots on the ground’ style of gameplay. The unlimited sprint mechanic found in the earlier versions has been replaced by a sliding movement mechanic. The player can leap forward or throw himself on the ground so that he can cover himself quickly.

Multiplayer: The multi-player mode of the game was launched back in June this year. Several attractive features such as headquarters social space, war mode and five different divisions have been introduced into the game. The divisions in which the game can be played include:

  • Infantry: It involves combats of mid to high range and is the most versatile division in the main game.
  • Airborne: It is a stealthy gameplay style where players remain silent but move fast. In this division the suppressors can be attached to sub-machine guns.
  • Armored: It involves the heaviest firepower and helps in mounting machine guns. It helps you to aim better as it blocks the surroundings from your view.
  • Expeditionary: The shotguns used in this division help in burning players to death.

There is also a Headquarters mode providing social space within the game and zombies cooperative game mode. Nazi extermination camps have been featured in the game like never before.



Visuals: The game is based around locations that are iconic and had been the battlefield for the historic wars such as Normandy. The ravaged buildings, the rain-drenched forests and the beaches and trenches of Normandy look more grim or realistic than ever.
You will actually feel like stepping in such locations. This will add a realistic feel to the game The visuals are appropriate enough and will help you to enjoy the game better. The immersive visuals of the game have helped it to become popular within a short span of time and it can be said no other Call of Duty has been able to attain such high levels in terms of visuals.

Graphics: The game is characterized by good quality graphics and you just need to change the settings properly. A full-screen mode will boost your performance along with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz, maximum FPS and an auto aspect ratio. Also, your monitor should be adjusted to a native resolution. Once you have made these settings changes, you will be all set to enjoy a great quality graphics in the game!

Actions: The actions here are simply nerve-wracking. The game is designed in such a way that you will not feel like an action superhero who is likely to win all the time. You would rather feel that you are a petty soldier who can get killed anytime.

Scripting: The scripting is such that it will keep you engaged and will keep your pulse rate up. Although certain things are predictable in the course of the game, they will be pretty exciting to keep you engaged. It will also give you a lot of scope for improvisation unlike other games where you merely get to choose from a couple of options and that’s all…the rest of the part is boring.

There’s no reason to think that the choices in Call of Duty: WWII are limited. You will find a huge collection of snipers, rifles, flamethrowers, SMGs and pistols at your disposal and need to use the appropriate ones at the correct time, depending on whether you are adept at using them and what the situation demands.

The entire game has been enwrapped with suspense, drama and topsy-turvy situations. You will find it easy to play and win if you are an experienced and dedicated gamer. On the other hand, if you are a casual gamer or one who is not deft at playing war games, sorry but you are likely to lose rather than win.





This one is probably the first Call of Duty game in the last few years which has every kind of feature that the players would find praise-worthy. It is probably the best CoD that we have got since Black Ops. One action sequence makes way for the other and you can’t help but feel excited in every step of the game.

You always have to be ready for some more surprising and exciting moments and that is what keeps you engaged in this game.


Call of Duty: WWII - Xbox One Standard Edition

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9.5 Total Score

The game definitely deserves 9.5 stars out of 10 thanks to all the suspense, visuals, graphics and technical features. So wear your boots and be ready for the war!

  • It is a fast paced game is which is capable of holding the suspense of the gamers from the beginning till the end.
  • The immersive visuals are worth admiring and impress the gamers even more.
  • The thrilling gameplay is another positive which makes the game all the more enjoyable.
  • It offers multiplayer options in five different divisions that will allow you to play according to your competencies.
  • It brings back certain features of the older versions after a long time.
  • The visuals with war locations like Normandy are attractive.
  • The situations and ideas sometimes get boring and there isn't much to improvise.
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