A New Battleground for Tom Clancy’s Fantasy

Everyone fears for their lives and slowly became infected with an incurable disease, leaving New York City uninhabited. The gloomy skies showed a bleak future that there’s nothing you can do to save the city. Yet, here you are at your safe house contemplating and preparing for a strategic combat with the enemies. As you defy limitations on your character, you meet your allies who will explore the city with you while protecting each other in a virtual world that felt so authentic like no other.


The Division presents Tom Clancy’s view of the apocalypse though a massive biological attack. While it felt haunting exploring the city with intense battles to face right at almost every corner, the game provided downtimes for you to recover the energy zapped from the adrenaline rush.

The desolation continues


The Division brings all of the real life what ifs of a bio-terrorist attack right in front of you as you virtually enter a city. You, as a Division Agent, must protect the infected city together with your troops, gather the loot needed to upgrade your weapons and character, and stay out of danger. At the start of the game, you need to train yourself and get familiarized with the game’s basics.


Maximizing the gaming experience


The Division combined the experience of a single player and an online multiplayer system.


  • The single player experience allows you to control your pace and egotistically strategize how to kill the enemies and earn your badges for player and gear upgrades.
  • The RPG experience heightens the excitement while you collaborate with your team on how to attack in order to go to the next level.


It also features a matchmaking system for you to meet other players and finish your battles sooner instead of lounging around waiting for other players to join your team.

Cracking the predictability code


Turn up your senses and see how the artificial intelligence characters fight the battle using a trusted mix of fighters like the sniper, the bomber, or the runner. These fighters are so in love with each other they cannot be separated, thus showing their weakness to the third-person player. Al’s group only have a handful of attack strategies, losing The Division’s excitement as it becomes boring over time. You will think that the only way to survive is to play hide and seek as you duck into cover to protect yourself as you aim and shoot. That does not look brave at all. And as you rush to another area in the game scene, you expose yourself to the enemies which consequently put easily on the death radar nearing game over.


Stats and upgrades for a better you


Seeing your character’s health and abilities on the health bar is a great indicator that you are encouraged to do well for character upgrades or recover from a lost battle soon. In addition, you can be able to choose upgrades that will delight you. It ranges from talents, skills, and perks from the medical, security, and tech categories, depending on your strength in surviving the disturbed city. Your stats depend on your gear acquisitions, which will dictate your survival probability. Before any acquisition or sales of gear happens, the health bar reflects how will these affect your stats.

Side missions for longer playing time


Side quests are supposed to be an addition to the excitement the game has to offer in its storyline. However, this is not the case for The Division. Its side missions are dull, uninventive, and seemed to be there just to have longer playing hours before returning to the main mission. The real meat of the game comes from the main storyline, making the side missions actually a waste of time. It does not really contribute or have any significance to the interesting main mission Clancy has built.


The dips


Repetitions in some play areas, especially the side missions, can bore you. You will feel the need to just pass the specific mission in order to go to the next testosterone-filled level.  You might need to endure some unimpressive story lines occasionally. However, it will be bothersome for some who have gone through a few repetitions to anticipate the same kind of dips every now and then making it unappealing rather than a thrilling experience.


What to love


The sophisticated graphics of The Division produced intricate details on the scenery constructing a seemingly real imagery with the characters as actual human beings trying to survive in a devastating situation. The gunplay stimulates your thoughts on how to play it smart using your earned skills and what you have on hand. It also simulates your tactical defense strategies to outplay computer-generated enemies or other players from the network. How you were trained to become who you are in the game is similar to immersing your real self to become one with your virtual world self. You feel the emotions, the stress, and the adrenaline rush characters feel during fights. You feel threatened during gunshots and bombs detonating near your safe house. You also feel the exhaustion running around protecting yourself from those who were sniping at you. The missions offer a diverse environment, meant to excite you for the next assignment. It is more than just a typical RPG. Tom Clancy’s successor to Destiny was successful in translating his fantasy of biological warfare to a reality wherein the players believe they were the agents trying to safeguard the whole desolated city while finding the source of the chaos.


Into the Dark Zone

The Dark Zone will be the riskiest place to venture in for great loot items. This is also considered the highest level in the battlefield. It contains important and precious items such as weapons, gears, or cash that would help you face your enemies. As you progress through the game, you will discover access keys that will enable you to enter the unknown. You have to go for the kill to be able to acquire the keys.


The Division is an action-packed game that needs hard work and stamina to be able to kill the seemingly indestructible enemies. You may also find yourself obsessed with your stats and the game itself. Despite its flaws, you cannot stop thinking about the tactics to employ as missions get tougher. Say hello to sleepless nights as soon as you immerse yourself in military tactical game.





8 Total Score

The Division brings all of the real life what ifs of a bio-terrorist attack right in front of you as you virtually enter a city. You, as a Division Agent, must protect the infected city together with your troops, gather the loot needed to upgrade your weapons and character, and stay out of danger.

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  1. The Division set a new standard for a video game can look like and how realistic it feels.

  2. This game takes much more strategy and patience.

  3. Very good game and I really like the story line.

  4. Very addicting game. Love it.

  5. This is a very unique RPG/TPS combo with the added bonus of team tactics, strategy and individual missions combined.

  6. Absolutely Incredible!! Its fun, tactical, and deep.

  7. One of the best game I have played in a while.

  8. love the story line is awesome!

  9. Best perfect game! for now!

  10. Just to clarify to all…This is not COD. It’s an RPG.

  11. Graphics is sick! That’s all you get.

  12. Story line is realistic. It is not realistic in-game, but still makes it fun.

  13. What’s all this positive – This game is horrible and the story line is just bizzare (period!)

  14. Best Ubisoft game ever (period period period)

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