4K Ultra HD TV

If you are looking for a new and big TV, I suggest that you may try the 4K Ultra HD. With its big size, you can even forego watching in the cinemas because with the 4K Ultra HD, it is like placing the cinema screen within your homes. If you want a bigger screen, you can choose from the different screen sizes available for the 4K Ultra HD TV 4 with sizes ranging somewhere between 65 inches to 84 inches. For families who wish to just stay at home and watch together, the sheer size of the screen will definite fit any household. What makes the 4K Ultra HD TV fascinating is not the size since other televisions can also come within the screen size provided for 4K Ultra HD TV. What makes this TV superior than most other TVs are the features that come with this mega television.

With the 4K Ultra HD TV, you will surely be not disappointed with the images that you will see on your screen. It can deliver pictures with quality that is four more times better and clearer than a Full High Definition TV.  It has the capability of delivering video results with a resolution of 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall. When I tried watching a concert in the 4K Ultra HD TV, I had the feeling that I was watching a live concert and that I was in the concert itself. Whenever I start watching in the 4K Ultra HD, I never leave my place until I have completed what I have started to watch.

The 4K Ultra HD TV not only creates great images when viewing an ordinary movie, it also gives me great experience when using its 3D feature. A significant number of 3D TVs have an issue on flicker and this sometimes can cause a feeling of discomfort or even dizziness to the viewer. This issue had been resolved with the 4K Ultra HD TV because with this TV, you can now enjoy 3D viewing without any flicker. The 4K Ultra HD TV not only provides flicker-free viewing but it also protects the viewer’s eyes from too much strain as a result of watching. The 4K Ultra HD TV offers viewers various pictures modes that they can adjust to soothe their eyes. One can choose from vivid, photo, standard, cinema or soccer modes depending on what is comfortable for the eyes.

With the advent of smart TVs, the definition of television had a complete turn around. Traditionally, televisions are used for watching movies or shows but these days, smart televisions including the 4K Ultra HD TV allows people to browse the internet, do social media and other activities which were originally confined to a computer. With the 4K Ultra HD TV, I can have an unbelievable experience viewing videos online such as YouTube. Since it is a smart TV, I can even download various applications directly from the internet. Not only that, with my 4K Ultra HD TV, I can even take pictures of myself using the built-in camera that is primarily for the purpose of video calling and taking of picture. The camera capabilities of the 4K Ultra HD TV does not end there because I can even edit these photos using the photo-editing capabilities of the 4K Ultra HD TV.

To those who love to play games, you will be amused of the gaming capabilities that the 4K Ultra HD TV provides. The TV has a Dual-Play feature which allows for split screen gaming for two players. I can even use the Dual-Play glasses that comes with the 4K Ultra HD TV does making gaming experience more exciting. What else can a gamer ask for from a smart TV?

I guess that not everyone can be satisfied with the 4K Ultra HD TV because even with its amazing features, a number of people still find the 4K Ultra HD TV inadequate. Although resolution is an important aspect in determining the quality of the picture e that comes out from the screen, it is not however the only thing that has to be taken into consideration. Other things to be taken into account when it comes to picture quality are color, contrast ratio and compression artifacts. In fact, I believe these have greater impact on the quality of the picture rather than the resolution. Sadly, however, the 4K Ultra HD TV does not address these matters.

Another thing I noticed with the 4K Ultra HD TV is that although it is hands down when it comes to picture quality of still images and pictures, it does not fare equally when it comes to motion resolution. Actually, it is the same problem that I noticed with the earlier LCD TVs. Although this issue will not appear obvious to an ordinary eye but if one carefully study the motion resolution of the 4K Ultra HD TV, only then can one see what this problem is all about.

Overall, I think the performance of the 4K Ultra HD TV is good enough but it would have been better if the 4K Ultra HD TV addressed first the issue on contrast ratio and motion resolution. With these issues bugging the 4K Ultra HD TV, we can expect that people will want more from a TV and will settle for something better than the 4K Ultra HD TV. In fact, another TV called the 4K OLED has come out which already addresses the issues or problems existing with the 4K Ultra HD TV. In short, there are still things which have to be improved with the 4K Ultra HD TV and unless these are corrected, I still cannot consider the 4K Ultra HD TV as my perfect TV or the final TV of my choice. Since the 4K Ultra HD TV does not come cheap, I believe people will be dissuaded to spend a considerable amount of money for a TV that still has some very obvious and apparent flaws.

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