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The Hidden Mystery Behind iPhone X

iPhone X : After months of speculation and what seemed to be an endless wait, the iPhone X is finally here. On Apple’s 10th anniversary, the brand new iPhone X sets a whole different standard for the next generation iPhones. The iPhone X is a ...

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What Everyone Must Know About iphone 8

The iPhone 8 feels like the same old iPhone 7. It is still your typical model, with rounded corners and curved edges. The aluminum back that we are seeing since the iPhone 6 is new, which has been deprived of a glass panel. Apple has offered the ...

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DJI Mavic Pro

Camera-drones have been charting their way to popularity for a while now. Since the early inception of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the development of satellite guided quadcopters, the evolution of the drone industry has been one of the most ...

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Microsoft Surface Book Pro: An Astonishing Laptop That Works More Than What a Tablet Can Do!

Ultra-thin, it is meticulously made with unbelievable screen outcome. This exists as the supreme laptop as it acknowledges the existence of greatness in humanity.And using the correct tools, you position yourself with no limitations.  You can be ...

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iPad Pro: Built for the kill

Apple pioneered a workhorse for artists, showed the world that touch-screens are possible, and created small devices that can do larger things we never thought of. Today, screens are getting bigger as the functionalities become more complex. The ...

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A Highlight on HTC ONE M9 Smartphone

Have you heard of this latest release from HTC smartphone producer? Do you want to know more about the specifications, features and other components that made it the best among the competing brands? Or you are scouring the internet to get more ...

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Google Nexus 9 Review

Have you heard or seen nexus 9 tablet? In case you have not set your eye or feel this wonderful tablet from Google which made best table of the year in 2014, this article is going to offer you review on it. You are going to learn more about the ...

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ or DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is produced by DJI which is among the top and famous companies that are known for the quality of their products. Phantom 2 Vision is an aerial camera system and it is designed to fly without ...

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Everything you always wanted is finally here – Lexar Professional Workflow HR2

Do you agree modern technologies are more powerful than ever? Yes, it’s right! Practically every day, there are some new inventions, and products available on the market, designed to make your life a lot easier. Most people cannot even imagine their ...

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Meet Drobo’s 5d and 5n – The Photographer’s Best Friend

Several years ago, many people were happy with one computer in their home, or office. However, the situation these days is entirely different. Many homes all around the world are using two or even three computers, and small offices tend to have at ...

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